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When we were briefed by Temasek Shophouse on their inaugural exhibition, we were told to work around the topic of waste and sustainability. We knew that this subject could border on being preachy if not handled with a light touch, leading us to come up with an exhibition that takes a totally unexpected form.

Presenting: The [Not-So] Convenience Store. While looking like a typical convenience store, its wares are anything but convenient. Instead the store is stocked with sustainable alternatives that require more effort on the part of consumers.

On the shelves are not-so convenient alternatives to everyday products, ranging from metal straws and beeswax food wraps to menstrual cups, rechargeable batteries and more.

Instead of drinks, the fridge is filled with reusable bottles and cups

Freezer repurposed as a recycling bin

Over at the cashier, ‘notes’ on how to live more sustainably are put in the till to inspire ‘change’.

Price tag shows the Price of Convenience — as paid by the Earth

Reinforced by other displays, some even exhorting “Must Not Buy”

Pseudo branding posters with playful twists on customer service mottos Use of illustration softens the approach and creates a welcoming atmosphere

“Employees of the Month” featuring sustainability champions and influencers

Instagram Stories Stickers to help spread the message on social media