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Rubbish Famzine is a bi-annual zine started by art collective Holycrap.sg, a family of four. ‘The Incomplete Herbarium and Other Garden City Exploits’ is their 4th issue and was created to celebrate their country, Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

The entire zine is packaged within a flower presser.

The issue is split into five sub-issues. While each focusses on a different story, they all explore the beauty of Singapore as a ‘garden city’ through the family’s journeys through the country.

An example of a pressed flower specimen as well as the candid illustrations in one of the sub-issues

One of the many spreads, chronicling the family’s accidental encounter with a dying trade

Rubbish Famzine issue 4C is a study on potted plant adornments

The main booklet documents the family’s “exploits” around the city

Readers can find pressed flowers, found along the roads of Singapore, hidden in the booklets
A carpark coupon is also included, only for use on 9 August, Singapore’s National Day