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To street photographer Aik Beng Chia, “Singkarpor” is what Singapore sounds like in Hokkien. The exhibition’s title reflects the essence of his photos: candid and gritty snapshots of Singapore daily life and the man in the street.

We wanted the catalogue design to reflect the same gritty realness. On the cover, we attached items Aik Beng picked off the streets as he went about taking pictures, debris like cigarette butts, receipts, leaves, coins. Inside, similar attachments served as dividers: lottery tickets, room rental flyers, torn pages from a local calendar.

Four varying cover designs made even more interesting by the addition of various street debris.

We made dividers to section his many photos, like this opening page.

Look at the huge numbers of Instagram followers Aik Beng has! We were equally impressed, and made this little insert to introduce the artist.

His actual Instagram posts reproduced in real life.

We used things familiar to everyday folk, like the TOTO lottery ticket.

Especially apt for the section with uncles like those usually seen in TOTO queues.

The #trollaikbengchia insert shares how Aik Beng became an online meme.

Design is kept minimal on most spreads to allow the photos to take centre stage.

The section on foreign workers has a room rental flyer as section divider.

Special tribute to Lee Kuan Yew; a page torn out of a local calendar marks the date of his passing.

Photos showing the outpouring of grief.

A separate “Back Alleys” photo booklet, aptly placed at the back of the catalogue.

Readers can discover the often overlooked back lanes of Singapore.